Thursday, 31 January 2013

Finally more letters :D whoop

So after not posting about my income and and outgoing letters I've finally managed to borrow my sister's camera Yay mee!!! So I got two new letter today :D 

First one is from Zaira, she sent me a card to full out with all my favorite things. I love the border around the paper.:D

The last one is from Anette, she always makes amazing letters.

I've also replied to two letters to Ines and Natalia. I had a go at making my own cards and envelopes  I'm planning to make more soon :D

I also sent Natalia a postcard from when I went to Sheringham. I'll hopefully reply to my two new letters today :D

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dad's wedding

So my dad's wedding was last Saturday and it was great. I decided to show you some pictures of my dad and little brother in kilts :D they looked adorable.

On Thursday the whole family went and met my dad and step-mum on there honey moon in Sheringham. It also started to snow so I managed to get a few pictures in the snow before my camera decided it wanted to break again :( I really hate that thing.

I received a package from Rhema and a letter from Anette. I have sent two letters to Anna and Zoe but I couldn't get photo's because my camera died again! I also have two more letters two write tomorrow which I should be able to get photo's off and I will also add the pictures on the package and letter :D