Monday, 31 December 2012

Stupid Camera

So it's finally New Years eve and I'm looking forward to 2013. This past years has not been too good and I'm hoping for a new start next year. There is so many good things to look forward to for example my dad's wedding, My 18th birthday and the birth of my little God daughter ^_^.
I have work tomorrow at 9am and I was planning on spending New Years eve in bed :( sad right but my Auntie is having a party and to be honest I don't care about work tomorrow, I'm going to party tonight and have fun with my family. I'll deal with work when it happens.
I've sent to many letters this week I would say around 10, I was not able to take any photo's of them as my camera has broke which is not good. I'm back at college in a couple off weeks and I need my camera for my  photography course. 
I'm hoping to get some pictures up in my next post of my Christmas and New Years :D

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I feel so bad about not replying to my letters. I have a really bad immune system and this cold weather is not doing me any good. I've been in and out of the doctors, been told to rest and been given different tablets to try and help. I have been too ill to even think about reply to letters or going on the internet which for me is shocking.

So I went to the Harry Potter studio tour in London and it was truly amazing, I didn't think it would be as good as it was. The only bad thing was that we didn't get long in the gift shop because we were with college we were told to wait outside when we were finished going round. Me and my friends are massive harry potter fans so we took our time looking at all the little details and talking to workers about the set that when we were about to go into the gift shops one of the teachers with us told us everyone was already outside and had been waiting for half and hour for us. We asked if we could at least look in the gift shop and she said es but we had to be as quick as we can. I did manage to get a chocolate frog and a awesome Sirius Black mug. Here are some photo's of an amazing day.

The great hall was all decorate for Christmas and looked amazing.

The invisibility cloak AHH :D 

The teachers at the fount of the great hall. The clothes here are the clothes the actors wore while filming. I find that amazing. 

AHHH SIRIUS BLACK'S CLOTHES Massive Fan Girl moment there ^_^

The boys rooms, I couldn't believe how amazing the whole day was.

Tonks and LUPIN'S CLOTHES he and Sirius are both my favorite characters YAY

We all got to try butter beer and it tasted really nice. I'm hoping to go back again on my birthday and get a better look in the gift shop.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

1st of December ^_^

Yay It's finally the first of December and look what I got in the post ^_^ My advent calender swap from Elizabeth. 

I like how the box was decorated ^_^ The face made me laugh.
When I opened it I noticed that nothing was wrapped but never mind. Everything inside the package was amazing, I loved everything.

Some gloved and socks 

These are some Halloween sweets and rubbers ^_^

I also got a change purse and some braclets

These are all stickers, I love the superhero ones :D

There are some envelopes, Postcards and some really nice notebooks

She sent some pens, Paperclips and a little button

Thank you so much, I loved everything.

I got to open the first day on my chocolate advent calendar it's starting to feel even more like Christmas yay
It even started to snow this morning although it wasn't much it was still amazing.