Thursday, 22 November 2012

Advent Calender

I didn't have the money to send this last friday but I am planning to send it off tomorrow maybe during my lunch break at college or when I finish. I first had the idea to wrap some of the presents up in news paper with interesting stories on but I didn't manage to find many so I went on to using normal wrapping paper :D I have spent the last hour wrapping everything and now all I have to do is number them :D I can't wait until the first of December when we start them :D yay

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Harry Potter Studios!!!!!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted but I've been ill with this virus that has been going round and I really didn't have the energy to write a post or anything :( I have only got two more letters since the last post which is probably a good thing, It gave me some time to catch up on a couple of letters.

So this one is from my first ever pen pal Sara.

This one is from Ines, she is a great person to talk to and she has become one of my best friends.

I missed the postman today who had a nice package for me but he was so kind as to leave it with a neighbor  The only bad thing is that they have been out all day and I haven't been able to pick it up. I have to wait until maybe tomorrow but I have college then work and won't get home until 10pm and they might not be in. :(

I bet your wondering why my title is about Harry Potter Studio, well me and my class in college are going to the Studio tour in 2 WEEKS ahhhh I can't wait!! It's going to be amazing. I should be making another post when ever I'm able to get my package ^_^

Monday, 5 November 2012


So Halloween has just, My little brother was a very cute devil and my dad was a scary clown. Hehe :D I even got some photo's of them.

It took me ages to make my brother sit still for his face paint and I even had to give him some face paint to put on my face.

Doesn't he look scary :D

So to the letters :D I have had two letters since my last update:

So this letter is from Natalia :D with a nice envelope.

This is the first reply form Paola who sent me a nice bracelet. I think we are going to get along great ^_^

My outgoing is none at the moment :( I have got three letters ready to post but I haven't got the money untill Thursday and I'm hoping I will have more written by the time I send them.

Christmas is on it's way and I can't wait to start with the music and decorations :D My Little brothers birthday is in about a week and I still don't have a clue what to get him. Maybe some new cars and toys, I'm sure all kids would like new toys right.