Thursday, 22 November 2012

Advent Calender

I didn't have the money to send this last friday but I am planning to send it off tomorrow maybe during my lunch break at college or when I finish. I first had the idea to wrap some of the presents up in news paper with interesting stories on but I didn't manage to find many so I went on to using normal wrapping paper :D I have spent the last hour wrapping everything and now all I have to do is number them :D I can't wait until the first of December when we start them :D yay


  1. Cute!:D I'm sorry I'm late to join your Advent Calendar game.

  2. They look lovely! And I really like the idea of the newspaper wrapping! I might just copy that idea for christmas... :)

    1. Sent it today ^_^ I hope it get there in time for the 1st