Monday, 31 December 2012

Stupid Camera

So it's finally New Years eve and I'm looking forward to 2013. This past years has not been too good and I'm hoping for a new start next year. There is so many good things to look forward to for example my dad's wedding, My 18th birthday and the birth of my little God daughter ^_^.
I have work tomorrow at 9am and I was planning on spending New Years eve in bed :( sad right but my Auntie is having a party and to be honest I don't care about work tomorrow, I'm going to party tonight and have fun with my family. I'll deal with work when it happens.
I've sent to many letters this week I would say around 10, I was not able to take any photo's of them as my camera has broke which is not good. I'm back at college in a couple off weeks and I need my camera for my  photography course. 
I'm hoping to get some pictures up in my next post of my Christmas and New Years :D

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