Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Incoming 29/5/13

This is my first letter this week :) yay 


  1. love getting mail! visiting from swapbot and hope you enjoy aswapping.

  2. Super! :)

    I love swapping too! (btw i'm from postal S. ) I will follow you! feel free to do the same :) LOVE!!

    Love, The mind of an exchange

  3. Awesome!!! I also love getting mail =) As you will see on my blog, I share my mail days. Not like this though, just pictures of letters that I send out. Trying to get more ideas on how I can be more creative when I make a post.

  4. Handwritten letters are great. I never sign up for the swaps though, because my handwriting is really poor, and my hand tires out easily. So, a notecard is about the limit of my ability to write, legibly. I wish I could write longer letters, if I could I'd probably try and keep my handwriting legible longer.

    Stephanie - Follow me #11