Sunday, 8 July 2012

Letters and more Letters ^_^

Okay, so in the last 9 days since i last posted I've had 8 letters ^_^.Yay

This letter is from Sophie who lives in Deven, England. She is fan of Supernatural aswell :D yay

This letter is from my first ever pen pal Sara from Ohio, USA

This is from Laura, who wrote on some awesome stationary and  a awesome sticker

My first letter form China ^_^ yay

This is from Anna who gave me a really cool Pokemon Krak with Squirtle on. I love it 

So this letters from Catherine who sent me a picture she took from Washington DC.

So this one is form Lola who lives in France, I love the paper :D

My camera died before I could take the photo of the last letter from Ines who lives in Portugal.
I have only been able to reply to Ines at the moment as I have been to busy with work, but I now have the next two days off. Yay, so I can reply to them. ^_^
So I've also joined Swap-bot and have just sent off my first swap :D which was a Crazy Sock swap, I also need to send off some stickers for the Simple Sticker Swap. Hehe
Finally The Amazing Spider-man is out, I've been waiting ages for it to come out in the cinema. I haven't had the chance to go see it yet but it if deffo on my to do list. Also Batman The Dark Knight Rises is out soon. I'm so excited, I think i'm going to have to watch it the day it comes out. I love batman yay.
I was dragged to go shopping with my mum today but i did manage to get her into some of my shops :D Well I finally got The Incredible Hulk on DVD as well as Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, They are both Awesome movies. I brought an Avengers massive poster and an Dark Night Rises one as well :D I did good :D hehe.

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