Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More Letters

I had my college enrollment today ^_^ yay. I start next Wednesday and I can't wait. My day get's even better when I come home and fine three new letters waiting for me <(^.^<) yay.

So this first one is from Sara ^_^ my first ever penpal yay. 

 This second letter is from Anna who loves to decorate her envelopes with awesome drawings :D

 Finally Holly's reply came :D It took her awhile to reply but I'm happy I finally got it.

Tomorrow before work I plan to make a trip to the post office and finally post these two letters which I have been meaning to send for the last three days and I'm finally going to do it. ^_^

This is for Sarah who loves batman, It's a shame I couldn't find a comic with Scarecrow in, her favorite character.  
 And this letter is going to Hanna, She is an awesome person and I love getting her replys.

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