Sunday, 7 October 2012


So I spent the weekend with my uncle and auntie in London who I hadn't seen in about 3 years. ^_^ It was good to see them again. Before I left I had a letter which I read on the train there from Anette.
She sent me a little card which says:
Address: Lost In Space
TIF: Yes, Thank You :)
My Room Isn't Messy, It's Just Hard To Get Inside
I'm Not Dumb, Just Less Smart
I though it was great :D I would love to have one of them.

I got home about 2 hours ago and I really wanted to write a letter so I write my reply to Natalia :D
 I sent her a home made key chain and a tube map :D I hope she like them :D  Well that's one down, 2 to go :D

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